Experience, expertise and passion

Snakes on a Plain is a local company based out of Redcliff, Alberta right in the heart of prairie rattlesnake country. Our founder, Sheri Monk, has studied rattlesnakes since 2005 and has travelled extensively to study venomous snakes on three continents.

We are licensed by the Alberta government to handle and relocate all snake species which occur in Alberta, including the prairie rattlesnake. While not everyone loves snakes, we do and we are passionate about their conservation!

We specialize in snake behaviour, habitat utilization, migration patterns, hibernacula survey and conflict avoidance. Our safety training is renowned for its high-engagement level and evidence-based approach. Our enthusiasm and knowledge will inspire the confidence of all project stakeholders, from workers through to regulators.

Giving back

We offer the residents of Redcliff and Medicine Hat free emergency snake relocation when local bylaw is not available.

We also offer the public fun and engaging presentations at reduced rates to help promote safety and conservation goals. Additionally, every year we offer a number of free public presentations to non-profit groups.

We are registered or affiliated with the following organizations and professional associations:
Alberta Society of Professional Biologists
Alberta College of Paramedics
The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society
Nature Alberta
Grasslands Naturalists