Snake Management

An ounce of prevention...

Many new energy projects are being constructed in southern Alberta, particularly in the wind and solar industries. The open prairie winds and sunshine are perfect for these projects ­– but they’re also perfect for our snakes, which are closely monitored and protected by the Alberta government. Imagine if you could have snake experts look at your project footprint and tell you in advance where and when you were going to encounter snakes. Don’t rely solely on mitigation when you have prevention specialists available.

Snakes happen

Despite careful planning, sometimes on-site snake management is needed. While being able to safely handle and capture rattlesnakes is important to keep people safe, knowing when and where to release a snake is critical to its ultimate outcome. When we capture and relocate a snake, we use our expertise to reduce the chances of a re-encounter, and to give the snake the best possible chance of long-term survival. Releasing a rattlesnake in the wrong place or at the wrong time can be a death sentence for that animal – and that’s an outcome no one wants to have to report.

Our enthusiasm is contagious. Environmental monitoring can be fun! The following are comments received from a contest we held on-site in southern Alberta in 2022. Workers received an entry ballot with snake safety tips and were asked to offer any thoughts they had about the snake species they were sharing workspace with. The prize was a $100 gift card to a local restaurant.

“Thanks for the information and the fun prizes. I still don’t like snakes but I understand why they need help in Alberta.”

“The contest was fun. I liked learning about the rattlesnakes even if I still scream when I see one.”

“It was reassuring to know someone was only minutes away and knew what they were doing with rattlesnakes.”

We work hard to keep you working!

• On-site snake monitoring and management, including sweeps, relocations and traffic monitoring as needed.
• Expert snake releases in suitable habitat, at suitable times.
• Road mortality prevention.
• Short-notice pre-work safety sweeps and standby.
• One-time relocations, including required reporting.
• Biological surveys, including hibernacula and activity.
• Workflow planning, component delivery planning.
• Field safety training.
• Driver avoidance training.
• General environmental monitoring.
• Safety signage.
• Written reports and communications services.

Did you know working with Snakes on a Plain increases your sustainability profile?

Snakes on a Plain has been featured on CBC nationally and provincially, Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Plan, the Western Producer, CHAT News and others.
Snakes on a Plain has been studying rattlesnakes in the Americas for nearly 20 years.
Snakes on a Plain donates time and money to community organizations to increase snake awareness and conservation.
Snakes on a Plain does not charge residents of Medicine Hat or Redcliff for rattlesnake removals when local bylaw is not available.